How Does Flooring Affect Home Value?


Vancouver flooring plays an important role in the overall value of your home. This crops up in the objective view of potential buyers and the price you can reasonably set for the home. When selecting flooring with the intention of improving home value, you should lean toward hardwood flooring options. Alternatives that can positively improve home value include ceramic and stone tile.

What Factors Affect Home Resale Value?

Some things are simply out of your hands when it comes to your home’s value. For example – you can’t pick your home up and plop it into a good school district.
Things you can’t alter in your favour include:
• Location
• Neighborhood comparable homes
• Home size (unless you’re planning a major construction project)
• Age of Home
The good news is, there are some things you can change about your home to boost its resale value.
Things you can alter to improve your home’s value:
• Upgraded appliances, especially the stove and refrigerator
• Improved home condition, especially maintenance to the exterior
• Remodeled rooms, especially the kitchen
• New energy-efficient features, especially windows
• Additions to the home, especially extra bedrooms or a pool
• Installation of smart technology, especially thermostats and security features

The effect upgrades have on your home will vary greatly in different markets and price brackets. For example, higher-value homes will see a greater spike in price with the addition of a pool versus lower-priced homes that see a greater spike from a kitchen upgrade.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Vancouver Flooring?

At some point, you should ask yourself, “Is it more cost-effective to repair or replace my flooring or should I leave it as-is?” Make sure the cost of flooring fits the overall cost of your house. Someone looking for a lower-priced home isn’t going to cash-in extra for new marble flooring. Consider the homes in your area and the style of your own home when deciding on new flooring.

How Do You Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home?

When you hire a mobile flooring company like Top Floor Flooring to help you with your flooring needs, their professional flooring experts will come to your home and talk about your needs and budget and make sure you choose the right floor for your requirements. Not only does shopping for flooring at a traditional big box flooring store require a lot of time and effort, the samples you may like in the store won’t necessarily look the same in your home or business and you can’t tell if they compliment your furnishings and textiles. When you hire a mobile flooring company you don’t have to travel all over town to get the best deals on flooring in British Columbia.

Experience how the power of the right flooring can affect your space in the comfort of your own home. Contact Top Floor Flooring for a free flooring consultation with a member of their professional Vancouver flooring team. They will bring samples of different floors and share their knowledge of flooring technology and trends, so you can make an educated flooring decision!