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Whether is your goal to find the right color, unique style, traditional elegance or compromise with your budget, our wood flooring experts are always here to help. We offer hardwood floors in all of its options, including solid wood floors, engineered hardwood, and hardwood floors refinishing.

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We offer the largest selection of quality hardwood flooring in Greater Vancouver & Lower Mainland. Unfinished and prefinished Solid & Engineered Hardwood Flooring of any size style, species, or brand.  We also provide professional flooring installations and wood floor refinishing services:


Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood is comprised of solid hardwood for the top and bottom layers. The middle, however, is made up of layers of plywood that is cross-grained and laminated together. This makes this particular wood harder and more structurally solid than a solid hardwood. Due to the different nature of both these products, where they can be installed differ as well.

Engineered hardwood is more structurally stable with is being made up of plywood that’s been cross-grained and laminated together. Though the top layer is hardwood, it handles moisture better than solid hardwood and can still be sanded down and refinished.

oak real solid hardwood flooring

Solid Hardwood Floors

Solid hardwood is, as the name suggests, solid hardwood from top to bottom. Structurally, it is a single piece of wood and the hardness is totally dependent on the species of wood. A Red Oak is softer than Bamboo is will require a bit more care to maintain a flat, unblemished surface.

Solid hardwood is, as it sounds, comprised of a single piece of solid wood. This makes it slightly less versatile than engineered wood but means it can be sanded down and refinished more than engineered wood.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The team of flooring experts at Top Floor Flooring will bring samples to your home, guide you through the flooring selection process and leave you a FREE in-home estimate! We have a huge selection of styles and colours to choose from and fully certified installers that will professionally install or refinish your hardwood flooring.

In addition to our exceptional in-home hardwood refinishing service, you’ll also enjoy the best pricing in the industry, extensive manufacturer’s warranties and our own one-year installation warranty.

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We only work with today’s most popular and reliable wood flooring manufacturers to ensure that you get a top-quality hardwood flooring product with the most extensive warranties available. We’re proud to be partnered with Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu, Pravada – just to name a few!
Top Floor Flooring was founded by professional wood flooring installers with 20 years of experience, so we know all about the best hardwood installation practices in the industry. Our sales team is made up of individuals that have been in the industry for years and our customer service team is trained in all the best practices the flooring industry offers. We want you to be comfortable in the knowledge that, with us, you’re in the best hands possible!

ONLY $8.99 SQ.FT. (Limited Time Offer)
Premium Hardwood, Underlay & Installation Included.

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Expert Hardwood Installation In Vancouver

If you’ve been considering having hardwood installed in your Vancouver home or business, you’ve probably been flooded with information about where and how the different kinds of hardwood can be installed. As it turns out, hardwood installation isn’t as cut and dry and it sounds – solid hardwood can be installed in different places than engineered wood and here is why:

Installation Options

Nail Down

This process includes nailing or stapling the wood flooring directly onto a wood subfloor. The nails are inserted through the tongue of the floorboards into the subfloor which prevents the nails from being visible when the installation is complete.

Glue Down

A glue down hardwood installation involves using a hardwood adhesive to attach the flooring directly to a subfloor. Before beginning this type of installation, however, the subfloor has to be both dry and flat. If there is a high spot on your subfloor, there will be a high spot on your floor.


This method of installation is neither nailed nor glued to the subfloor but floated above. This is generally used for engineered flooring where the floor boards are adhered to each other, via their tongue and groove. Adhesive at the end joints will provide your new floor with stability without having to fasten it to your subfloor.

Due to the different nature of both these products, where they can be installed differ as well. Let’s take a look at where these different types of hardwood can be installed. Surprisingly, hardwood installations work in some places better than others.

Hardwood For Basements (Below Grade)

Solid: Nope. You cannot have a solid hardwood installation in the basement. Basements are below grade and generally have a fairly high moisture content which will ruin your hardwood.

Engineered: Can be installed in a below grade situation over top of a subfloor. Since engineered wood is structurally more stable than solid, it holds up against moisture better.

At or Above Grade Locations

At-grade or above grade locations are excellent places for hardwood installations of both solid and engineered wood. These rooms generally include living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, dens, etc…

Hardwood For Kitchens and Bathrooms

Solid: There can be an awful lot of moisture in both these areas so it isn’t recommended that solid hardwood is installed here. In these areas in particular, most homeowners will choose a more moisture resistant flooring such as tile or luxury vinyl flooring.

Engineered: Much like basements, engineered hardwood flooring will hold up to the potential of moisture in these areas.
vancouver solid wood flooring installation

Solid hardwood flooring is comprised solely of hardwood meaning that it is a homogeneous piece of hardwood throughout. It has a standard thickness of 3/4″ and is generally 3.25″wide but some styles do come as wide as 11″.

In terms of species, solid wood has a wide variety of options available and red/white oak, maple, hickory and pine are the most popular species. The hardness of solid hardwood is completely dependent on the species and vary from very soft to incredibly durable. See the Janka Hardness Scale for more information.

Solid hardwood comes both pre-finished and unfinished with the pre-finished options accounting for almost 80% of the market. Both options can be refinished numerous times but will eventually become too thin.

Solid wood is nailed or stapled down and cannot be floated. It does not hold up well to moisture and it is never recommended for bathrooms, basements or any other areas in the home where moisture is prevalent.

Having solid hardwood installed can add immense value to your home and, if taken care of properly, can last decades in your home.

engineered wood floor installation vancouver

Engineered hardwood flooring is made with a thin piece of hardwood that is adhered to the top of a base of high-quality plywood. It’s thickness generally runs between 3/8″ to 1/2″. In terms of width, the standard sizes are anywhere from 3.25″ to 5″ wide.

Unlike solid wood, engineered wood offers fewer choices of species available with red oak, hickory and Brazilian cherry being the most popular on offer. Hard hardwood is the most durable and some of the softer varieties, such as pine, are not available as an engineered hardwood.

Engineered flooring is easier to install than solid with a greater range of options – it can be stapled, nailed, clicked or glued. Its ability to stand up to moisture is better than solid hardwood but still isn’t recommended in areas that have high moisture levels.

The majority of engineered floors are pre-finished. Unfinished engineered floors are few and far between and are not offered by most dealers. Engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished, but only once or twice.

Engineered hardwood is a durable, practical alternative to solid hardwood flooring and though it does add value to your home, it does not offer the longevity of a solid wood flooring.

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“Top Floor replaced carpet with 900 sq’ of engineered flooring in our apartment. The wood (Ekco) is great quality and Fred was very responsive at all times. The installer (Tony) was there everyday until the work was done and was keen to make sure we were happy in the end. We are happy with the experience overall.”


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“We had Fred’s Top Floor Flooring company do the vinyl plank for our kitchen & bath reno. We needed red oak look to match the existing 1956 hardwood throughout the rest of the home. Fred was very professional in his dealings and the whole process was trouble-free. Payment schedule was well structured and left the bulk for post job completion. We gave some short-notice install dates and he was able to oblige – making sure his installers could meet the request before committing.”


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“Top Floor did a great job. We needed to replace the carpets in three rooms. Fred brought samples, measured, helped us choose the laminate flooring we wanted and explained the whole process. Lee and his helper worked tirelessly and got three rooms done in thee days, including waiting for leveling in one room, and they did a nice job of cleaning up afterward. It looks lovely and we’re very pleased.”


Lesley (West Vancouver)


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ONLY $8.99 SQ.FT. (Limited Time Offer)
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