Mobile Flooring Showroom

We Bring our Flooring Showroom to Your home!

What Is Our Mobile Showroom?

Mobile Flooring Showroom is the most innovative shopping experience. Its efficiency has been proven by hundreds of homeowners and builders. Basically, our mobile showroom is a Shop-At-Home service. Our Flooring Specialists will deliver various flooring samples directly to your home, office or construction site. They will also provide you with a free consultation regarding flooring types, species, eco standards, installation options, latest flooring trends and any other information you might require.

Our mobile showroom is a great combination of more than 1500 different flooring samples, including hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile and vinyl. With such a wide selection, you are surely to find the flooring that you’ll love. Various brand and price options are available to accommodate your specific needs and requests.

Once you make a choice towards the most favourable option, our flooring specialist will measure the installation area and provide you with a detailed quote and other related details.

Benefits of the service

No doubt that Mobile Showroom is an exceptionally convenient service as it saves your time and allows you to go through samples in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of your own home or office. Mobile Showroom service provides some other very important benefits:

  • You can match flooring colours and styles with your interior design and furniture.
  • We can choose the right flooring based on your home technical conditions (subfloor type, radiant heat system, house age, etc).
  • You can receive valuable suggestions and recommendations regarding flooring installation options from our flooring experts.
  • We can provide you with a detailed quote, discuss all alternative options to guarantee the best money-to-value ratio.

Book a Mobile Showroom and Free Estimation

Our Flooring Expert is always come on time,  provide you with a Free Estimation and product specification
  • Choose a suitable time
  • Match samples with your interior
  • Get a Quote based on home details
  • Discuss a Quote options
  • We bring you 1000+ of samples

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